Saturday, December 31, 2011

RavenDB on Linux - Source Code

I've created a new github repository to temporarily host the updated code for RavenDB to enable execution under Linux. I say temporary because a few things could happen.

Worst case scenario, and I don't believe this would happen, but there is a slight possibility, that I might be asked to shut down the repository because I unknowingly violated some terms of use. For an open source project, this is a highly unlikely scenario.

The normal case scenario would be that I get no notice from the creators of RavenDB in which case this code would continue to exist under its own repository.

The bese case scenario, and I would really like this to be the case, would be that my changes in some shape be accommodated upstream in RavenDB making RavenDB a cross platform tool.

I did not investigate why the OutputStream.Flush() command was causing an exception. At the same time, this is really my first attempt at MEF and .Net 4.0 and I don't know why the exports were not automagically loaded, in resolution to which, I had to manually load them using reflections. A better fix would be to identify and resolve these issues.

I am glad, however, that I was able to fulfill a personal quest of learning about RavenDB, and in the process, making it run under Linux. This opens up the possibility of making RavenDB a serious contender against MongoDB on the non-Windows platforms.

RavenDB along with my source code changes are available at

Note: Source code url updated.

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  1. Can you ping us on the mailing list? We would like to bring in your changes (this is a potentially a duplicate comment).

  2. Ayende,

    As per your comment, I've posted on the mailing list.
    Let me know if I can be of any assistance.