Monday, December 5, 2011

PogoDebian + FreeSWITCH + Linksys 3102 VoIP Gateway = Pure Bliss - Part 1

It was few years ago - around the year 2000 - when I had first toyed with the idea. The modem driver installation CD came with free PBX software that was IVR capable. I was amazed at what I had in my presence. Even back then, I was well aware of the possibilities. I was later reinitiated to Linux and orientation to Free Software came much later. Few months ago I discovered Asterisk but was put away by the expensive Digium hardware that it would need to operate, while still unware of what all Asterisk could offer.

Few weeks ago, I was in Florida for work and after learning that one of my colleagues also used Linux for a pet-projects of his, we both got into discussing how we had implemented our Linux setups. I told him about my Kubuntu laptops and the Debian server I was running on PogoPlug (I call it PogoDebian) and he told me about his SIP gateway server that he setup for VoIP telephony for his family in Sri Lanka. He uses it to talk with his family in US and in Sri Lanka. Moreover, he had a SIP phone application on his Android phone that he could use to connect to his server and make calls via his gateway at home over WiFi, even over 3g. He also mentioned about a VoIP gateway server from Linksys/Cisco that allowed him to connect a regular PSTN phone line to the SIP server and route his land line phone calls to his cell phone and vice versa. Spiked your interest? Yeah! I had the same feeling.

I made up my mind about it. I wanted to setup PBX like functionality in my house. A couple IVR menus would be neat as well. Some intelligent schedule based call routing and we'd be in business.
When I got back from that trip, I started my research on SIP servers and VoIP gateway. I found FreeSWITCH and was impressed by what it had to offer. It was capable of everything I had on my mind. As for the VoIP Gateway, Linksys/Cisco 3102 was ideal. It provision for 1 PSTN line and 1 phone/fax device. One key requirement that I had was even with the 3102 now in between our phone line and the phone itself, the existing phone configuration should not be lost and our home phone connect to the PSTN line should not change in the way it behaved.

Progress on this topic can be following in the following articles:
PogoDebian + FreeSWITCH + Linksys 3102 VoIP Gateway = Pure Bliss - Part 1
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  2. Md. Abdur Rahim,
    My blog is not about tutorials or 'how to's. There are many sites that do a wonderful job of that. If any of the readers needs any details about the installation and configuration, I'd be glad to share them as well. I share my experiences with Linux that are not limited to specific applications or topics. Thanks however for stopping by and leaving a comment.