Monday, December 19, 2011

CallCentric - VoIP Service Provider

CallCentric offers variety of VoIP products for personal, residential, as well as office use. If you need to switch your traditional phone lines to SIP save money on phone bills, or if you just need additional phone numbers besides your traditional phone lines, CallCentric has products offerings that rival those from their competitors.
CallCentric numbers can be very easily:
  1. configured on the IP Phones on your network
  2. forwarded to traditional phones
  3. routed to your internal PBX, like FreeSWITCH
Call forwarding from CallCentric to SIP address is free, so are calls from one CallCentric number to another. Local numbers are available. You can even transfer your existing number to CallCentric. Signup for a free account here. Additional paid features can be added at any time.

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