Monday, August 26, 2013

Update 1 - Progress so far - IrrlichtDotNet - .Net library for irrlicht that works under Linux

For original article, please go to this article.

After I made the declaration of starting this project on irrlicht forums, roxaz from the forums expressed interest in the project and immediately forked it on github. We bounced around ideas and while I won't yet merge all of his modifications into my repo, I did like many of this ideas and implemented them after tweaking them to fit in with my code. The ideas that I implemented from his repo are:
  1. folder reorganization
  2. a python script that refreshes the CS project file with all the SWIG generated cs files
  3. file to automate many initial steps
I also spent some time getting myself more familiar with SWIG typemaps and was able to map irr::core::stringc to System.String for almost all instances. These originally got translated to a SWIG generated generic wrapper which wasn't any useful unless you created a companion helper class in C++ to handle the translation both ways between irr::core::stringc and char *, which gets mapped correctly to System.String. Once all occurrences of irr::core::stringc are mapped to System.String, helper class won't be necessary any more. I will also attempt to deploy more typemaps to handle other such mappings in IrrlichtDotNet project.

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