Sunday, May 30, 2010

Turned to the Dark Side

I've been using Linux, Ubuntu more specifically, as my primary OS since the past few years. KDE has been my favorite Display Manager. I've always preferred bright desktop themes over dark ones and blue has always been my favorite color for wallpaper. Changing desktop themes and color schemes are like making a lifestyle change. Unless one is satisfied with its every aspect, one can not continue with it for too long. Every ones in a while, I would try dark backgrounds and themes but get quickly displeased and switch back to the original "Oxygen" and "Air" themes. One major factor was that one perfect color scheme that would complete the theme.

This past week when I had to rebuild my laptop, I decided to give a dark theme another shot and spent some time on tweaking the colors to see if I could find the right mix. I finally did. I switched from the default "Air" theme and the default color scheme to "Arezzo" theme and "Obsidian Coast" color scheme. I even changed from the default icon set to "OSDark-K" set. And while I was writing this article, I came across the "Obsidian Coast Cursor set."

Note that the above themes and schemes are for KDE based Linux distributions.

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